Four Reasons to Invest in Senior Photos

Every year when 'senior season' comes around, I never fail to hear a variety of opinions regarding people getting seniors photos taken professionally. People either absolutely love the idea, or think it's silly. Here are four reasons why investing in a senior photoshoot is WORTH IT.

  1. Senior sessions capture a time in your life that compares to no other and that you will never get back. If it's a high school senior session, these photos will be a snapshot in time of your last year of high school EVER. Maybe you're excited to be done and away from high school, or maybe it's extremely bittersweet. You'll be away from the Friday night football games, from whatever clubs you've involved yourself in, from the hallways where you awkwardly walked to your locker in between classes, etc. If it's a college senior session, these photos will be a snapshot in time of typically four of the best years of your life. Your four years have been filled with college basketball games, late night studying in your favorite place on campus, connecting with people who you'll remember for a lifetime, etc.

2. Senior sessions help you recognize the accomplishment of finishing those years of hard work. Whether it be high school, college, nursing school, a masters program, a doctorate program, etc. You have worked HARD!!! When you're in the moment and wearing that cap and gown for pictures or walking around all the memorable spots on campus during our session, this photo opportunity helps this major accomplishment become real for you.

3. Senior sessions give your family and friends quality updated photos of you that they probably haven't had in years! Hear me out - I absolutely adore taking photos on my phone. Some of my most beloved memories have been taken on it; however, phone photos just don't compare to getting professional photos done. Professionally taken senior photos can be used to give to loved ones, as well as be used for things like resumes, headshots, LinkedIn pages, etc. That's something your phone photos d0n't usually do justice for. ;)

4. Lastly, senior sessions are an opportunity to celebrate YOU! Whatever you're graduating from, it only happens once. It's worth celebrating. Your life is worth celebrating. YOU are worth celebrating. For this reason and the three others mentioned, investing in a senior photoshoot is totally worth it.