Benefits of Planning Your Wedding Around the Sun

Benefits of planning your wedding around the sun so that you have the wedding you've always dreamed of!

No one expects (or should expect) you to figure out all the aspects of your wedding alone. That is why it is so important to hire awesome vendors - wedding photographers, planners, etc. When you hire awesome wedding vendors with experience in their fields, they are able to help you out in the areas of

your wedding that you are not expected to have expertise in!

One of these areas in particular is your wedding timeline. Wedding vendors, especially photographers, want to help make sure you've scheduled your timeline to best allow for everything you want to include in your wedding day!

A primary tip that I give in regard to planning your wedding timeline is to plan around the sun. Planning your wedding around the sun is beneficial for many reasons, but two in particular include:

1) Whether you are having an outdoor or indoor wedding, chances are you're going to want some outdoor portraits. You know the ones I'm talking about. The outdoor portraits where the sun gives off a gorgeous glow and makes everything look like magic. Those photos happen during a special time during the day called golden hour. Golden hour occurs two times in the duration of a day - approximately 1-2 hours after the sun rises and 1-2 hours before the sun sets. It is during this time period that those magical glowy portraits are taken, and for this reason, it is beneficial to plan your ceremony and reception around this time frame if you're wanting outdoor portraits!

2) The second reason I recommend planning around the sun is to ensure you get an experience and photos that best align with your planned exit. If you plan on having a getaway with your guests blowing bubbles as you exit, ending your reception prior to the sun setting is perfectly great! However, if you're wanting to have a getaway including something like sparklers, making sure your reception ends after the sun has set is best. Planning around the sun in this way ensures the best photos of shining sparklers and illuminated faces!

Considering 1) outdoor portraits and 2) your planned exit are two of many reasons why planning your wedding around the sun can be beneficial to having the wedding day you've always dreamed of!